Wiki Link

A wiki-link is a link text wrapped inside double brackets [[]].

Some further details

Anchor reference

NOTICE: This is non-standard for wiki links, but I found it quite suit to my needs so I implement it in gatsby-project-kb, and Obsidian has this support, too.

You can refer to a topic's specific section by anchor text, which is after the hashtag #.

For example, for a target topic with the structure as below.

# header 1
## header 2

It's possible to link to the second header with [[topic#header 2]]. The target url will be topic#header-2, with the anchor text processed by slugify.

This theme is also capable of extract plain markdowndown internal links and show them in backlinks.

A paragraph with a [markdown link](../some-other-file)

Currently only relative link without file extension will be recognized.

This [won't work](../
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